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an unsere Chefredaktorin, Larissa M. Bieler

«Das Jubiläum '100 Jahre ASO' war für eine hervorragende Gelegenheit, sich multimedial erfolgreich in Szene zu setzen.»

Thomas Waldmeier
Leiter Kommunikation + Marketing a. i.

100 Jahre ASO - #WeAreSwissAbroad

Gelungenes Fest für die Fünfte Schweiz und die Berner Bevölkerung

SWI Highlights 2016

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Schweizer Fernsehen SRF und die internationale Medienlandschaft

Sichtweisen und Beobachtungen eines 55-jährigen Schweizers, der die Hälfte seines Lebens in der Schweiz und die andere in Südkalifornien verbracht hat.


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Inbreeding hits bearded vultures in the Alps
Switzerland is celebrating the reintroduction of 50 Bearded Vultures to the Swiss Alps. It's 30 years since the programme began in the Swiss Wildlife Reserve ...
The Swiss restaurant that serves up leftovers
Would you eat warmed up leftovers? You can get them at a new pop-up restaurant in eastern Switzerland that is fighting food waste. Samuel Indermühle and ...
Why is Switzerland important in the commodity trading sector?
Tiny landlocked Switzerland is a big player in the commodity trading business. The country's involvement in this industry can be traced back to the 15th century, ...
Diplomatic back channels: years of USA-Syria talks in Geneva
Stretching over several decades, meetings in Geneva between American presidents and Syrian president Hafez al-Assad, raised hopes of peace in the Middle ...
Underwater archaeologists dive into the past
It's ten years since over a hundred ancient stilt villages sites in the Alps received UNESCO World Heritage status. These sites have been found in lakes, rivers ...
Finding joy and inspiration through the covid 19 pandemic
While the coronavirus pandemic has put many projects on hold, for some people it also freed up the time to pick up new hobbies and make those New Year ...
Icy relations warm up in Geneva
The handshake between US-President Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin between made headlines in Geneva on Wednesday.
How Geneva is preparing for Biden and Putin
Geneva will be hosting the first presidential meeting between the American president Joe Biden and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Preparations are ...
Diplomatic back channels: when Reagan and Gorbachev met in Geneva
Biden and Putin will meet in Geneva in June 2021. Back in 1985, the Reagan-Gorbachev summit in the Swiss city had proved to be a turning point in the Cold ...
How robot cars may transport freight under Switzerland
Cargo sous terrain, or underground cargo, is a futuristic Swiss freight project aimed at relieving pressure off existing roads and other infrastructure. The plan is to ...

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