Acht Fragen

an unsere Chefredaktorin, Larissa M. Bieler

«Die Welt stand 2016 kopf. sorgte für eine professionelle, qualitativ hochstehende und ausgewogene Einordnung der globalen Erschütterungenaus einer Schweizer Sicht.»

Peter Schibli

100 Jahre ASO - #WeAreSwissAbroad

Gelungenes Fest für die Fünfte Schweiz und die Berner Bevölkerung

SWI Highlights 2016

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Schweizer Fernsehen SRF und die internationale Medienlandschaft

Sichtweisen und Beobachtungen eines 55-jährigen Schweizers, der die Hälfte seines Lebens in der Schweiz und die andere in Südkalifornien verbracht hat.


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Big brother, farm style
A project run by the federal Government and the University of Bern is trying to find out the best farming conditions for hens and rabbits. They've installed cameras ...
Swiss offer a hand to friendless Brexit Britain
Just when British Prime Minister Theresa May thought things couldn't get any worse, Britain is being openly mocked by the Swiss. A satirical video has a top tip ...
Coding education in primary schools
Canton Vaud is launching a pilot project in primary schools. Kids learn how a computer and its processes work, by playing games - and without using technical ...
A feminist version of the Bible
Twenty female theologians have published a feminist version of the Bible - a reinterpretation for the 21st century. It provides a commentary on ... Twenty female ...
Advertising tries to reach classrooms
Initiatives by companies to sponsor teaching materials in schools are being met with resistance. Companies and aid organisations are increasingly sponsoring ...
The capital of the Helvetians
What is today the town of Avenches, in canton Vaud, used to be a Roman metropolis. It was known as Aventicum, the capital of the Helvetians, and it became an ...
Bye-bye old house
A 300-year-old house has just been torn down in the small village of Vals. The owner had just received the permit to build a new house on that spot.
How to become a Swiss Federal Councillor
Switzerland has two new members of the Federal Council! But how is a new Federal Councillor chosen? --- is the international branch of the Swiss ...
Solving crimes with the help of virtual reality
Law enforcers in Zurich are using virtual reality to help witnesses recall details from crime scenes. --- is the international branch of the Swiss ...
A children's Braille book
The first Braille book printed in French-speaking Switzerland is finally on the shelves, after a long process of 3 years. The printing was a challenge as nobody ...

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